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Nintendo Stocks Stabalize As Company Announces Next Foray Into Mobile Market

Nintendo has announced a new addition to its growing catalogue of mobile gaming offerings in the form of Fire Emblem: Heroes.

Lined up for an Android release on the 2nd of February (and iOS shortly thereafter), the new instalment in the turn-based strategy franchise promises fans “the battle intensity they’ve come to expect from the series.”

Like Super Mario Run, Nintendo intend to monetise the experience with micro-transactions. Players will be able to buy summoning orbs that help them in battle. It’s unknown at this time whether or not the game will be free to download or co

It’s the latest in several incursions into the smartphone gaming market by Nintendo. Last year’s Pokemon Go brought in $1.2 in revenue (part of which went to Nintendo) and Super Mario Run raked in over forty million downloads in its first week. It’s expected that Fire Emblem‘s devoutly enthusiastic fanbase will result in  similar success.

The move has pulled the company’s stock out of the nosedive it took following last week’s backlash to the price for their new Nintendo Switch console, though their shares are still down 0.53%.

Previous reports have suggested that Nintendo shareholders are unhappy with their commitment to the home console market and much more keen on the company’s expansion into the mobile gaming market.

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