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Nikon Recalls SB-103 Underwater Speedlight Flash

Mandated by the ACCC, Nikon has issued a national product recall for its SB-103 Nikonos Underwater Speedlight Flash.

Products Safety Australia has approved the recall, as in “rare cases” should charged and uncharged NiCd batteries be used together, hydrogen gas can be discharged.

Build up of the gas within the unit “may cause the front to separate from the housing”.

Concerning the hazard of the aforementioned “defect”, should the gas mix with air inside the unit’s body, the mixed gas is at risk of being ignited by an electric spark at the time of firing, therefore, causing the flash head to burst.

Such an occurrence poses the risk of injury to the user.

Consumers with the device are advised to contact Nikon Australia on 1300 401 200 (Mon-Fri between 9am and 5pm), or email [email protected]

Nikon Australia will arrange free of charge return freight of the product, in addition to an electronic funds transfer of $100.

The SB-103 Nikonos Underwater Speedlight Flash was reportedly sold throughout Australia between 31 May 1984 – 31 May 1994 at a variety of retailers, including Camera House and Teds.

For further individuals can visit www.nikon.com.au.

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