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Nextgen Switches On 2000km Subsea Fibreoptic Oil/Gas Cable

Nextgen and Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN), now part of Nokia, have switched on Australia’s first purpose-built, subsea fibreoptic network, servicing oil and gas industries in WA’s far north.

The 2000km fibre network connects offshore oil and gas platforms with landing stations in Port Hedland and Darwin, to datacentres and business headquarters in Perth and other State capitals

It has been built, owned and operated by Nextgen, and integrates into the company’s existing 17,000km national transmission network as well as Metronode’s national network of datacentres.

Nextgen CEO David Yuile, said the $139 million cable system not only provides essential support for Australia’s offshore oil and gas projects but also promotes competition with planned new telecommunication infrastructure for businesses and consumers in regional communities at the cable landing points.

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