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Nextbase Brings SOS Dashcams To Australia

Dashcam manufacturer Nextbase is launching in Australia and bringing its “Emergency SOS” technology with it.

The British company is releasing its Series 2 dashcams – the 122, 222, 322GW, 422GW and 522GW – which come equipped with Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa capability, and the “Emergency SOS” feature.

In the event of a crash, the dashcam – provided it is the mid-range 322GW or higher – will run through 23 protocols to determine the seriousness of the accident. If it does not receive a response within 60 seconds, it will send the data to an operations centre, which will attempt to call the owner; if there is still no response, emergency services will be dispatched with information including location data, travelling direction, blood type, and next of kin details.

According to Richard Browning, Director of Nextbase, the company is excited to enter the Australian market at a time where more Australians are holidaying by road due to limited air and sea travel.

“As COVID restrictions hopefully continue to ease and allow further intrastate and interstate travel nation-wide, we are determined to make sure that those families are staying safe on the roads with the correct tools to do so.

“Nextbase products are designed with a focus on the driver’s wellbeing and safety, reducing anxiety by ensuring every part of your journey is documented,” he said.

The Series 2 dashcams retail in Australia for between $99 and $399.99 at retailers including including Harvey Norman, Camera House, Officeworks, Betta, National Product Review and

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