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Govt Drafts New Powers To Fight Big Tech Market Abuse

German officials have approved new draft digital antitrust legislation, set to give the government more power in the fight against big tech market abuse. It comes as the ACCC continues to wrangle Facebook and Google, also cracking down on mobile app marketplace practices.

The new law is pending approval from the German parliament, and would expand its ability to combat anti-competitive behaviour from tech giants in the internet sphere.

Proposed rules empower the German regulator to step in if marketplace platforms harness data gathered from smaller entities to undercut rivals.

The ACCC has continued to query Google’s shopping platform data collection practises, with Amazon embroiled in scrutiny in the United States over its private-label product development methods.

Founder, Jeff Bezos, was recently quizzed by US officials over allegations Amazon uses data gained from independent sellers on its e-marketplace, before developing and listing a cheaper private-label product.

The European Union is also further exploring solutions to handle favouritism for certain sites over others on the internet, with Google, Apple and Amazon slammed in some regard over anti-competitive behaviour.

Announced this week, the ACCC is further cracking down on mobile app practises, with the latest phase of its five-year inquiry scrutinising data sharing, pricing transparency, and competition between Google and Apple app stores.

“Apps have become essential tools for daily living for many Australian consumers, a trend that is likely to have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic,” states ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard.

“Apps are, in turn, increasingly important for businesses as they promote, grow and run their enterprises.”

The watchdog will examine the experiences of Aussie consumers, developers and suppliers as part of a new report investigating mobile app stores. Feedback can be offered here.

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