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Next iPhone May Feature Foldable Display And Wireless Charging

With the September launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 behind us, speculation has already begun about what the company are planning to celebrate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary in 2017.

Earlier rumors suggested that Apple would be looking to innovate heavily on their flagship’s design, with new patent filings potentially revealing that the handset will feature a unique foldable designs.

Stories of Apple investigating foldable displays have circulated from as early as 2013 but the patent filing suggests that the feature may yet have a place in future iPhone models.

The patent describes “carbon nanotubes” that would allow the iPhone’s screen to fold in half down the middle.

This said, with competitor Samsung also said to be moving on the next-generation screen design, the market potential of the move could very much depend on who gets there first.

This sits alongside another major feature said to be coming to the next iPhone: wireless charging.

Samsung has featured wireless charging tech in their Galaxy range for some time now with Apple seen by critics as lagging behind.

However, this could be set to change with a report out of the Nikkei Asian Review says that Foxconn, the infamous firm responsible for assembling iPhones, is currently testing wireless charging modules for use the iPhone 8.

According to an industry source familiar with the matter, the wireless charging feature could appear on the next Apple handset.

It’s said that if Foxconn are unable to produce enough satisfactory units the wireless charging feature could make it into some versions of the iPhone 8 and not others.

Given how Apple’s handset sales have continue to fall in the face of both design and consumer stagnation, the speed and success in how these new technologies are implemented could prove crucial for them going forward.

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