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Next Gen Intel Chips Tipped To Hit 6GHz

According to new reports, Intel’s next generation of processor chips, the 13th gen Raptor Lake chips, may have the potential to exceed the magic mark of 6GHz.

Speculation has arisen following a post on Twitter by known tech tipster @OneRaichu, who believes at least one SKU of the Raptor Lake chips will be able to achieve 6GHz, which would make it the first x86 chip to do so.


The massive performance increase would be a result of Intel’s ETVB (Efficient Thermal Velocity Boost), which the company has updated it’s Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) to support in the future.

ETVB is a step up from Intel’s standard TVB (Thermal Velocity Boost), which allowed 12th gen Alder Lake chips to hit over 5GHz. It works by increasing clock speeds by up to 100MHz, providing the CPU sits within a safe thermal range, and there is available turbo headroom.

ETVB is likely to work in the same way, except with bigger jumps in frequency.

AMD are also planning to release their new chips, under the Ryzen 7000 moniker, and will be built upon the Zen 4 architecture.

AMD may get close to 6GHz too, or even exceed based on their early demonstrations. At Computex 2022, AMD showed a Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 chip boasting a 31% performance increase over Intel’s i9-12900K, and had it reach 5.5GHz during gameplay of the recently released Ghostwire Tokyo.

AMD CEO Lisa Su says that Ryzen 7000 chips are able to “significantly” exceed 5GHz before overclocking.

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