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Newly Merged TPG Expands Network

According to the CEO of the newly merged TPG Telecom, the new company will prioritise switching on TPG’s old 4G mobile network and integrating its unused mobile spectrum into what was Vodafone’s holdings.

“This increases the capacity of our network. From a customer perspective that means not just higher speeds, but more quality in general, because the network has more space,” CEO Iñaki Berroeta told the Australian Financial Review.

TPG Telecom’s customers in Canberra will be the first to increase from a 20% increase in capacity.

The company has also turned on 46 small cells in the Melbourne CBD.

“TPG will now provide around 2 million households with broadband, and we have about 6 million mobile customers. It is a good opportunity for the company to grow,” said Berroeta. “Cross-selling is the strategy of the company, so we will be looking at how to offer TPG customers good mobile products.”

Now trading as TPG Telecom, the newly merged TPG and Vodafone Hutchison Australia commenced trading as one today, down 0.9% as of 12pm at $8.30.

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