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New Yamaha eBikes offer top speeds of up to 48km/h.

Continuing their reign of the electric bike market, Yamaha have treated us with the release of two new and improved electric bicycles: the Wabash RT and the Crosscore RC. The tech giant has expressed their belief that the need for electric bicycles and forms of transportation outside of driving is at an all-time high, making their latest releases all the more important.

The first editions of these respective models were released back in 2019. However, the latest versions are a far cry from their predecessors, offering drastic improvements and changes.

A pair of Yamaha Crosscore RC’s in their natural habitat.
Credit: Yamaha

Both bikes are powered by Yamaha’s PW series ST engine and have 500w of power, which along with 4 levels pf pedal assist, mean that these bikes are able to reach speeds of 48km/h. Furthermore, to ensure consistent and smooth power delivery, the bikes are fitted with 4 sensors which detect and calculate torque, crank cadence, wheel speed and bike angle.

Credit: Yamaha

Between the two offerings, consumers will be able to decide between a bike to conquer the dirt path less travelled with the Wabash RT, or a smooth daily road bike in the form of the Crosscore RC, designed for use in urban environments.

The Wabash RT mountain bike will retail at $4,099 USD while its road riding brother, the Crosscore RC with cost users only $3,099 USD. Both are available in a variety of colours.



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