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New Surface Pro Pushed Into Next Year

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 8 will reportedly be delayed until 2021 at the earliest, debunking rumours of an October launch following historic trends.

The company would typically refresh its Surface Pro range every year, prompting speculation a successor would hit stores in 2020.

According to renowned tech commentator, Zac Bowden, Microsoft has pushed the launch of its new Surface Pro into 2021, alongside the Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Studio 3.

Bowden claims Microsoft will still hold its annual Surface event this year, featuring a new Surface Pro X, accessories and 12.5-inch Surface Sparti laptop.

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is tipped to deploy a suite of internal upgrades including processing power and battery life, potentially justifying a higher launch price.

Bowden claims the new Surface Sparti will reportedly be an affordably-priced, lightweight 12-inch laptop, aimed at students.

The product is targeted at budget conscious consumers, and comes as more tech brands ramp up their affordable product stable amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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