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Apple Watch 6 Users Uncover Bizarre Return Policy If Loop Doesn’t Fit

New Apple Watch Series 6 customers who aren’t happy with the fit of their wrist loop will have to return the whole product for a replacement, an Apple user has discovered.

The strange return policy was uncovered by new Series 6 owner Eli Hodapp, who needed a replacement band for his braided loop which was too loose and was told by Apple to send back the entire product.

Mr Hodap shared his interaction with Apple support on Twitter, noting his confusion about why he couldn’t simply send in the ill-fitting band for replacement.

“My choices are deal with the wrong sized band, or return the entire thing (watch and band) then re-order one size down which will not arrive until late November,” he wrote in a tweet.

“I wish I could figure out why the Apple product experience once you get anywhere near support is a complete nightmare.”

An Apple representative on Twitter appeared to agree with Mr Hodop, writing in a direct message: “Yes, totally agree with you. But Apple do have a policy since it is considered a configure to order purchase.”

Because the Series 6 is in short supply and the coronavirus pandemic has affected shipping, users wishing to switch their Apple Watch due to a wrist band problem may not see a replacement product for weeks or months.

New to the Series 6 generation of Apple Watches, the Solo Loop and Solo Braided Loop are ‘sized-to-fit’ and provide a comfortable fit without a buckle or clasp. Users can choose from nine different lengths.

Customers can fit the watch to their wrist in-store, however many Apple stores in the US remain closed.

The Apple Watch Series 6 price ranges from $599 to $1,119 in Australia and there are over 20 variations of the wrist loops in colour and type.

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