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New LG G7 ThinQ Images Leak

Images for the upcoming LG G7 ThinQ smartphone have been leaked with the release day only weeks away.

Evan Blass, notorious phone leaker from VentureBeat tweeted out two images, one showing a promotional image and the other with every side and angle of the LG smartphone.

The rear dual camera is now vertical instead of horizontal with the fingerprint scanner directly underneath.

There is an extra button on the left side of the device activating Google Assistant.


Rumours have been ramping up over the upcoming smartphone with Blass tweeting out a couple of weeks ago the G7 would have ThinQ added to its name referencing its AI features.

The smartphone will also have scene recognition features and Google Assistant commands plus the ‘dreaded’ iPhone X notch.

The G7 ThinQ will come in five colours: red, black, grey blue two blue options – matte and metallic.

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