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New IGEA Report Provides Snapshot Of Australian Gaming Habits

A new report, co-authored by Bond University and the Interactive Games And Entertainment Association, has provided a snapshot of the habits and motivations of today’s Australian gamers.

Dr Jeff Brand, Professor at Bond University and lead author of the report, says that while the percentage of Australians that play video games remains relatively steady at 67%, more and more are approaching games as more than just a leisure activity.

“The fun continues through interactive games, but the research shows that games increasingly serve other uses. Australians are playing to improve their health and for positive ageing. They’re using games in the workplace and at school.”

IGEA CEO Ron Curry added to this, saying  “the opportunities games and games-based technology present beyond just entertainment are immense. Games now play a fundamental role in how we learn and work. Australians are also embracing games’ capacity to solve high value social and health problems.”

The Digital Australia 2018 report (available here) also found that the average Australian consume games for 89 minutes a day on average and that 97% of Australian households with children have at least one video game device.

In line with broader trends, the report also found that the the average player age increased by a year to 34.  43% of Australians aged 65 and over play video games, and females account for 46% of all players.

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