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Foxtel Tipped To Pull Plug On Retail Presence

A new report by 3AW Drive claims that Australian cable TV giant Foxtel is set to sack ‘hundreds’ of staff in a massive shake-up to their retail strategy.

Citing a staff email that “details the entertainment company’s plan to scrap their retail kiosks in shopping centres,” 3AW say that Foxtel’s decision to close the kiosks has been made “due to the increasing move to online sales”.

Given the isolated nature of the report, it’s unclear how likely it is to be accurate. However, given the changing nature of the content market, it’s not an impossible direction to imagine Foxtel exploring.

It is unclear how many could be affected by a potential shake-up. Foxtel is said to operate over 50 retail kiosks across the country, with six staff assigned to each.

The move comes at a curious time for Foxtel. Last week saw both successes and failures for the company, with Amazon buying the US distribution rights for Foxtel’s upcoming Australian reboot of Picnic at Hanging Rock in what the company described as “the largest U.S. commercial deal ever for an Australian television series.”

However, this success came only days after the company’s new rebranded streaming offering, Foxtel Now, was brought offline due to ‘unprecedented’ demand for the season premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Foxtel has struggled in recent years, as the entertainment diets of consumers have switched away from traditional cable TV and towards video-on-demand streaming services like Netflix and Stan.

The company’s revenue slipped 3% in the quarter just passed, as its subscriber-base slipped 1% to 2.8 million.

ChannelNews has reached out to Foxtel for comment.

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