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New E-Sports Betting Drive: Amazon Shows Online Currency

TwitchTV, an online video-game streaming platform owned by Amazon, plans to launch its own virtual currency, to be known as Stream+, and expected to be used in e-sports gambling, according to a Casino.org report.

The announcement came at the annual TwitchCon conference in San Diego, where Patrick Gilmore of Amazon Game Studios said the virtual currency will be introduced into the company’s new team-based fighting game Breakaway.

“We call [Breakaway] a mythological sport brawler,” Gilmore said. “The teams set out to capture the hair-on-fire intensity of a brawler and the strategic depth of a brawler.”

He added: “Amazon is very much all-in on games. It’s not a toe-in-the-water kind of company. We are investing deeply.”

Amazon is thought to be eager to emulate the success of Valve owner of the Steam games platform, by becoming a hit in the e-sports market.

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