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Telstra Network Only One Fifth Complete

Telstra’s enterprise product engineering director, Crispin Blackall, has told the OpenDaylight Summit in Seattle that Telstra had less than four years to create a network that is today only 20 percent complete.

He’s been reported saying that Telstra would need to upgrade its networks to handle four times their current traffic volumes by 2020 and that to achieve this.

“We will have to build 80 percent of a new network in order to deliver what we see our customers needing in that four-year timeframe,” he said.

He was also reported talking up Telstra’s SDN/NFV initiative, Symphony. “While Blackall didn’t provide any details on how it will increase its network capacity, he did spend part of his presentation talking about how Telstra is meeting enterprise customer demands through its ‘Symphony’ program,” Telco Transformation reported.

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