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New Classé Delta Series Amps Now On Sale Through B&W Oz

Canadian audio brand Classé has returned to Australia through Bowers & Wilkins, with its new Delta series of amplifiers available now.

The third-generation Delta series comprises three new products: a preamplifier, a stereo power amplifier, and a monoblock amplifier. Each includes the brand’s trademark “Class A” circuit designs, and is designed in Montreal and built in owner Sound United’s Shirakawa factory in Japan.

The Delta STEREO, designed for situations that can’t accommodate two mono amplifiers, can output 250W per channel, while the Delta MONO offers 300W per unit total. Each features a custom toroidal transformer and a large power supply, as well as hand-laid six-layer circuit boards for shortened signal and power pathways with reduced noise.

The Delta PRE pre-amplifier is designed to connect to a variety of inputs, including network, USB, optical, coaxial, AES/EBU, and optional HDMI. It features a touchscreen control, and supports both mono and stereo subwoofers; it also has a digital bypass mode for all analog sources, and a pass-thru mode.

Each is on sale now via Bowers & Wilkins after the local operation picked up distribution in November last year. The Delta STEREO sells for $19,900, the Delta MONO for $17,900, and the Delta PRE for $16,900.

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