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New BenQ Monitor Is Decked Out With Eye-Protecting Tech

BenQ has launched its 27” EW2775ZH LCD monitor, decked out with Brightness Intelligence Technology, in the Australian market.

BenQ states that Brightness Intelligence Technology “optimises display performance for video and movies by automatically adjusting to ambient light and on-screen content to protect your eyes while delivering premium image quality”.

benq1Sporting an edge-to-edge design with a 27” VA panel, the full-HD (1920 x 1080) EW2775ZH is additionally equipped with Low Blue Light Plus tech, filtering out only the hazardous blue light emissions while ensuring true-to-life display colour performance.

“BenQ’s newest Low Blue Light Plus advanced eye-care technology brings together the most powerful combination of advanced panel innovations for a comfortable viewing experience,” BenQ states of the tech.

“This exclusive eye-care solution fully leverages VA high-contrast panel capabilities with AMVA+ panel strength and 3000:1 native contrast ratio, enhancing image clarity, which makes viewing the monitor screen much easier on the eyes.”

Four user scenario modes offered through Low Blue Light Plus comprise: Standard, Entertainment, Office and Dark Room, with there being no colour shift when the Low Blue Light Plus hot key is set to Standard mode.

BenQ states that Flicker-free tech “eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reduces computer eye-strain due to screen flickering”.

benq2“Inspired by the geometry of modern architecture, the ultra-slim bezel EW2775ZH is richly layered to achieve a sophisticated and refined look,” BenQ states of the monitor’s design.

“Accentuating the simplicity of the monitor is the extraordinary curved line of its neck, which extends to the back where the sleek I/O hubs are elegantly and functionally placed.”

Available now, the EW2775ZH is priced at $329 RRP, with the 24” EW2445ZH priced at $249 RRP.

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