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New Bacon Toaster Set To Be Be Big New Appliance Hit

First, we had the bread toaster now there is a bacon toaster, that eliminates the need to stand over a pan in the morning cooking your favourite breakfast snack.

And you don’t even have to wash-up afterwards, also gone is the problems of fat splatter on a cooktop.

The new upright design bacon toaster has not made it to retailer shelves yet but when it does it could “crisp” up sales of small appliance claim analysts.

The upright grilling machine lets you cook up to six rashers at one time.

Its design means all the fat and grease runs off into a tray at the bottom, making it easier to clean.

And the bacon is ready to eat in two to three minutes, although you can leave it up to 12 minutes if you like it crispy.

It’s worth noting that it works in a similar way to a George Foreman grill, which can be bought for as little as $85.

The bacon toaster went down a storm when it was launched in the US last year and the sellers are hoping to be able to cook up a storm in the Australian market next year.

Currently it’s only available to buy online from Cuckooland.com

As for cleaning users can remove the trays to clean them easily in a dishwasher or under the tap.