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New Ausounds Gear That Takes On Apple Set To Be Popular In OZ

AuSounds, who recently appointed Melbourne based distributor The Indi Group for their new range of headphones is set to use CES to launch new sunglasses with built in Bluetooth audio capability according to sources.

Ausounds is a new audio Company that is attracting a lot of support from the music industry they have also recently targeted Apple and their popular AirPods and the move into audio sunglasses is an interesting one.
Several retailers in Australia are set to stock the new range that has caught the attention of their competitors in the audio market.

U.S.-based the Company is a premium audio manufacturer who has manufactured Apple products , as well as their own range which are designed specifically for music creators.

They recently launched a major ‘Be Different’ worldwide, marketing campaign that is designed to inspire music and tech enthusiasts worldwide to stand out by purchasing Ausounds rather than Apple products which management believe are inferior to their own products.

The visuals and messaging in the campaign have been created to remind consumers that Apple isn’t the only producer of wireless headphones. Instead of going with the crowd and using Apple’s products, the campaign suggests that users have another option and do not need to be “sheep following the herd.”

Smokepurpp, an American rapper, songwriter, and producer, is featured in the campaign which is aimed at music lovers.

The Company said that the addition of Smokepurpp to the movement, and to Ausounds’ impressive list of award-winning and experienced ambassadors, adds to their stand-out messaging.

“We are excited to launch this progressive campaign to show music-lovers and creators that we embrace your individuality and hope to empower people around the world to be different,” said Marcus Sanchez, President and CMO of Ausounds. “We look forward to seeing the world’s reaction to our motivating message.”

Along with this campaign, Ausounds will be hosting a giveaway of the AU-Stream Hybrid on Instagram every week beginning November 9th for six weeks. To enter the giveaway, Instagram users must post an image to their feed holding a sign that says, “Be Different”. Users must also tag @Ausounds and include the hashtags #ausounds and #bedifferent in the post.

Ausounds offers a full line of in-ear and over-ear headphones including the AU-Stream ANC, AU-Stream, AU-Stream Hybrid, AU-Flex ANC, AU-X ANC, and the upcoming AU-Frequency ANC. The headphones, aside from the AU-Stream, feature active noise-cancellation and the latest in audio technology, so that users do not have to sacrifice sound quality for the added ANC feature.

To learn more about Ausounds’ products and its, “Be Different,” campaign, follow this link https://ausounds.com/.


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