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New AMD Laptops Can Run 30 Hours Without Charging

In collaboration with Lenovo and HP, AMD have released two new series of APU’s, known as the Ryzen Pro 6000, capable of delivering 30 hours of battery life, and the Ryzen Pro 5000.

An APU contains both CPU and GPU chips, and as a result, they are targeted at business professionals who need a long lasting and high performance device day to day.

The Ryzen 6000 Pro is based on the 6nm Zen 3+ architecture with the latest RDNA 2 graphics, while the 5000 Pro makes use of 7nm Zen 3 and Vega Graphics.

The laptops released with the new APU’s are going to be classed as either H-series or U-series. H-Series are more power hungry at 35-45 watts, but deliver higher performance, while U-series devices concentrate on lower power consumption at 15-35 watts, and high battery life.

AMD claim the U-Series flagship, the Ryzen 7 Pro 6850 APU, is capable of delivering 30 hours of battery life even while running video playback and other slightly more demanding tasks.

AMD have run benchmark tests, demonstrating the performance gains when running the Ryzen 7 Pro 5850U and the Ryzen 7 Pro 6850U at various power levels.

Credit: AMD

The most powerful APU in the range is the Ryzen 9 Pro 6950H, which has 8 cores, 16 threads and a boost clock that peaks at 4.9GHz.

Devices likely to appear with these cards are Lenovo ThinkPads and ThinkBooks, as well as HP EliteBooks and ProBooks. Currently there is no information regarding release date or pricing.

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