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New Amazon Echo Look Judges Your Outfit

Amazon’s newest Echo device, the Echo Look is becoming somewhat of a style aficionado telling users whether what they’re wearing is hot or not.

The Echo Look gives its user personalised recommendations, keeps a closet organised and provides fashion inspiration.

This device has a hands-free depth-sensing camera, built-in LED lighting, and computer vision-based background blur which Amazon assures ‘makes your outfits pop’.

It comes with features like ‘style check’, ‘collections’ plus outfit suggestions.

Style check gives its users a second opinion on which two outfits look better. To use, send in two photos of different outfits and in about a minute, Style check will return a recommendation based on fit, colour, styling, and current trends, plus an explanation of why one is better.

Daily look is comprised with all of the outfit photos and videos taken by the Echo Look. Each outfit can be tagged so a user can search for something like a black top or jeans.

The Collections feature organises a user’s closet by category. User’s can make personalised collections like ‘going out outfits’ or ‘to give away’.

The Echo Look also has an app where users can ask the community what they think of an outfit or ask fashion based questions like ‘what would you wear to a wedding?’. The Echo Look app will also have all your outfits on file so you can get inspiration on the go.

The new Echo will also give you style suggestion which of course are all available to buy on Amazon.

It also has the basic Alexa functions seen in all Echo devices so you can still ask about the weather while trying on a new dress. Household Profiles allows you to register up to two accounts to your Echo Look and switch just by asking or, using your voice, Alexa can recognise it and switch accounts automatically when enabled—you don’t even need to ask.

Unfortunately this fashionista does not ship to Australia but if it follows it its siblings footsteps it should eventually be coming down under.

It is priced at US$199.

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