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Netgear Forced To Issue Fix For Dodgy Orbi Router Problem

Struggling US networking Company Netgear who last week launch a $2,799 Orbi W6 router and extender, are not saying how many of their Australian customers were affected by a bad Orbi firmware update that according to owners prevented them from accessing an Orbi admin console.

The business has recently been forced to push out fixes for the bad Orbi software that affected the Orbi RBR750, Orbi RBS750, Orbi RBR850, and Orbi RBS850 mesh Wi-Fi systems.

The firmware update is aimed at fixing the problem that saw hundreds of owners having to totally reset their routers.

It appeared that while the admin interface was down, the router did work, and you could ping the assigned IP address and receive a response. However, you could no longer administer the router or make changes.

When the issue was first discovered Netgear issued a statement claiming “Some customers could no longer access or manage their Orbi systems through the Orbi app or the web user interface. A factory reset usually resolves this issue. We are working to understand the root cause and identify an alternative recovery method that doesn’t require a factory reset.”

Initially, Netgear required users to contact their support team and provide a serial number for their device. After a serial number was provided, Netgear pushed out a fix to the affected devices, allowing access to the admin console after rebooting the device.

Netgear now says they are deploying a fix to all devices.

While a fix is now available, Netgear has not provided any details as to what caused the issue in the first place.



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