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Netflix Caved To Govt Pressure Nine Times On Takedowns

Netflix has taken down a total of nine titles at government request in different countries since its launch, with five of these requests coming from Singapore.

In its first Environmental Social Governance report, released this month, the streaming giant said it would begin releasing annual updates on new takedowns.

“We offer creators the ability to reach audiences all around the world. However, our catalog varies from country to country, including for rights reasons (i.e., we don’t have the rights to show everything in every country where we operate).

“In some cases we’ve also been forced to remove specific titles or episodes of titles in specific countries due to government takedown demands,” the report said.

Previous takedowns included:

  • The Bridge, New Zealand, 2015
  • Full Metal Jacket, Vietnam, 2017
  • Night of the Living Dead, Germany, 2017
  • Cooking on High, The Legend of 420, and Disjointed, Singapore, 2018
  • The “Saudi Arabia” episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, Saudi Arabia, 2019
  • The Last Temptation of Christ, Singapore, 2019
  • The Last Hangover, Singapore, 2020
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