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Nest Thermostat Update Alerts Users Of Potential HVAC Issues

Thanks to the latest Google update, Nest Thermostat users will now have the ability to better detect irregular heating and cooling patterns in their homes, with users now being notified about potential problems in their heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system before they arise.

Using AI technology, Nest Thermostats now have the ability to “learn” how to identify unusual patterns related to a HVAC system.

With the new feature, if the Nest Thermostat identifies a potential issue, the user will get an email notification letting them know about the problem.

According to Google, although there will still be issues that the thermostats won’t catch, over time and through user’s feedback, it expects Nest Thermostats to get smarter and better at problem detection.

“Based on information like your thermostat’s historical data and current weather, Nest will learn to detect some unusual HVAC patterns that might indicate something is wrong,” Google said.

“If it’s taking longer than normal to heat your home, for example, there might be a problem with your heating system – even if you haven’t noticed anything.”

In addition, Google said that they are also currently testing out the ability to help users connect with a professional who can help directly. For this, Google has partnered with Handy, a platform that connects qualified professionals with customers, to make it easier for users to find and book a HVAC professional.

Currently, booking though Handy is only available in several metropolitan areas in the US, including Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Las Vegas and San Diego. This will expand with additional regions during the testing period.

Nest owners who sign up to get a Nest Home Report will automatically receive the new HVAC alert emails feature.

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