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Sharp To Invade Laundry Room

Sharp To Invade Laundry Room But Sharp is sticking to front loaders only and will launch more 7kg, 8kg and 9kg washing machines this year, Mark Beard, Marketing Manager, Sharp Australia, told CN. 

“Sharp has had a long manufacturing history in Washing Machines,” he said. 
The company are “very happy with our launch into the Washing Machine market in Australia in late 2013.”
“Sharp has launched one model, however we are planning to expand the range throughout 2014 with models in 7kg, 8kg and 9kg sizes.”
“Additional Sharp washing machines released into the Australian market, will be front loaders, at this point in time.”
Sharp’s first washing machine sold in Australia, is a 8kg front loader (ESV80HA) with 14 flexible washing programs including a delay timer (delay from 30 mins – 23 hours), pre-wash and an easy ironing function. Its costs $759.