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Dyson Spends $70M Developing Quieter Fan

Dyson Spends $70M Developing Quieter Fan

Said to be 75per cent quieter than prior Dyson fans the new model eliminates the tone that equates to an irritating mosquito hum.

Dyson has spent three years and ?70m on its new Cool fan that has seen engineers add ‘Helmholtz acoustic cavity’ that mutes sound waves and makes them 75% quieter than the previous generation.

“Air enters the Helmholtz cavity in the base of the fan increasing the air pressure within the cavity causing the sound energy to be dissipated and making the machine quieter,” explained Nick Schneider an acoustic engineer for Dyson told the Guardian newspaper in the UK where the fans are made. 

Like the Air Multiplier before it, the Cool fan hides a power-efficient electric motor in its base, which draws air in at high speed and fires it up into the main ring of the fan. The air is the projected as a constant channel of air towards the target, providing smoother cooling without the buffeting associated with regular fans.

The Cool fan is equipped with a nine-hour timer and different power levels, operating near silent at low and medium power levels according to Company executives. 

The fan is tipped to be expensive when launched in Australia.