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Spotify”Home Of COVID Misinformation” claims Neil Young, Pulls Catalogue

Neil Young asked Spotify to choose between and comedian Joe Rogan, after the star podcaster has repeatedly spread COVID disinformation through his popular Spotify-owned podcast.

Young went on to call Spotify “the home of life-threatening COVID misinformation”, calling the Joe Rogan Podcast, “lies being sold for money.”

Now, Spotify have confirmed Neil Young’s catalogue is being removed from the streaming service.

In a statement issued overnight, Spotify said: “We want all the world’s music and audio content to be available to Spotify users. With that comes great responsibility in balancing both safety for listeners and freedom for creators.

“We have detailed content policies in place, and we’ve removed over 20,000 podcast episodes related to COVID since the start of the pandemic. We regret Neil’s decision to remove his music from Spotify, but hope to welcome him back soon.”

Spotify paid over A$140 million to buy The Joe Rogan Podcast, so it really wasn’t much of a choice for the company to stick with their highest-profile purchase to date.

The 76-year-old actually removed most of his music from Spotify several years ago because he felt the service’s streaming quality was too low, but he relented after realising it was a losing battle.

“That’s where people get music,” he told Rolling Stone in 2019.

But when it comes to his beef today, Young remains staunch, stating, “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both.”

Young launched his own streaming service in 2018, offering different tiers of yearly subscriptions to access his albums.

His issues with streaming platforms run deep, though, previously saying he didn’t want his catalogue “to be devalued by the worst quality in the history of broadcasting or any other form of distribution”.

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