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NBN Co Offers Service Providers Up To 40pc Bandwidth Boost

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SYDNEY: In a bid to ease any network strain caused by people working in isolation from home, NBN Co yesterday said it will lower the burden on its Internet providers over the next few months by waiving charges for up to 40 percent extra bandwidth.

From Monday, retail service providers will be able to access the extra bandwidth on an “as-required” basis – and hopefully will pass on the pricing drop.

Announcing the move, CEO Stephen Rue, pictured, said the amount of CVC boost “is equivalent to the higher end of increased data bandwidth requirements that we have seen in countries such as Italy, which have mandated a strict work-from-home arrangements.”

According to iTnews, the temporary discount will be backdated to apply from the end of each RSP’s last billing cycle – meaning it won’t be impacted by any traffic growth experienced so far.

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