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Moto X: Googlerola Phone Revealed

But can the “pure google” phone match expectations?  

The now Google-owned Motorola finally unveiled, ‘Moto X’, in the US overnight,which you can design yourself. X is “designed by you, responds to you and is made for you” Moto’s blog declared.   
The 4.7″ (720×1280) AMOLED RGB curved back Android phone has some awesome features; voice control (no touching required), active screen that’s awake at all times, and personal designs: colour, accents, memory, if you wish. Pretty cool. 

Its price is also cool – $199 in the US on contract. No word on local availability, yet. 
Naturally, it the ‘best of Google services’ and runs X8 system, consisting of dual core Qualcomm S4 CPU, quad-core Adreno GPU . 
Android Central, who got hands on with the phones says ” got a relatively stock experience on the Moto X.”  Its also interesting to note its lacks Full HD screen, unlike Android rivals.
Its Touchless Control’ lets you do anything like browse the web, check weather, get directions, without lifting a finger – you just talk to it. 
Moto X has an ‘Active Display’, so you don’t have to wake it up to look at messages is intuitive, so ‘knows’ what info you require asap. 

Its 10MP Quick Capture camera is ‘ready to shoot ‘by touching the screen. X also promises a battery that lasts all day. 

Google owned mobile giant is appealing to US consumers, in particular, with its ‘Made in America’ credentials 
You can make your own personal ‘X’ via Moto’s online studio, customize colors, details on the front/back cover, accents (yes please), memory, wallpapers, and add your name. 

There are 2,000 possible combinations. US consumers can redesign or return it within 14 days, but its not clear how that will work in the rest of the world.
Moto X will be available in the US, Canada and Latin America in late August/early September for US$199.
On international released date Moto said: “You’ll hear from our carrier partners around the globe regarding exact pricing and availability.” 
But reports are suggesting it may not be available in the UK.  
In an interesting move, Motorola has partnered with cool brand SOL REPUBLIC to create an ecosystem of accessories, called M4DE Motorola, headphones, speakers, cases, docks.
You can even match your headphones to your Moto X. 
They come in all the same custom colors of the phone, in different styles. 
In its blog, Moto also pointed to all the things ‘X’ has competitors haven’t, which appears to be a thinly veiled swipe to rival Apple. 
“People want choice. The choice to design their own phones. The choice to have their phones assembled in America.”