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Fab50: Smeg Icon Gets Fat

Fab50: Smeg Icon Gets Fat

Called the FAB50, the latest Smeg has 75 per cent more capacity than the original FAB28, so suitable for big families.

The retro fridge has a massive 473 litres gross capacity, and comes in three cool colours – panna, silver and white.  

Features include:  Frost free operation, multiflow ventilation, 3 X quick-chill crystalglass shelves and convenient zero degrees chiller compartment (two), and a 2.5 star energy rating. 

The Smeg FAB50 boasts a sophisticated air-flow system that ensures cool air is constantly moved around the cabinet at an even temperature, so means veggies and fruits are preserved for longer. 

There is a multitude of chiller compartments, crystal glass shelves, one fixed glass shelf and two large capacity fruit and veg  compartments.
The (frost-free) freezer has a fast-freeze compartment, manual icemaker and internal light.

The Smeg FAB50 is available with either a left or right hand opening door and measures 1875mm(H) x 615mm(W) x 810mm (D).  

However, going retro ain’t cheap, particularly for its size. The 473 litre retails for $5990 from electrical retailers, appliance specialists and some department stores.