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Navman Bring Their Best With MiVUE Drive FHD

Navman have officially launched the newest addition to their lineup – the MiVUE Drive FHD.

It combines a GPS and dashcam into a single device, offering drivers the significant benefit of the sum.

The Drive FHD is capable of recording Full HD 1080p footage, recording incidents with a 3-Axis G-Shock Sensor and utilising Navman features like Live Traffic Updates, spoken safety alerts and a Bluetooth Handsfree mode.

“We were thrilled with the reception when we first introduced a combined GPS and dashcam to the Australian market, now we’re back with an even better device with new features and enhanced camera quality,” said Wendy Hammond, Country Director Navman Australia.

“It’s everything a driver needs in the car. The GPS side will provide the best navigational and safety features to help with the everyday drive, while the dashcam will continually record in Full HD in case of an accident to protect drivers from fraudulent accident claims, road rage incidents and providing evidence for insurance when an accident has occurred.” 

Our initial impressions of the MiVUE Drive FHD at Navman’s recent launch event were positive.

We felt it did a great job of combining the best of both worlds – integrating Navman’s dashcam video and G-sensors with the ease-of-use of their GPS offerings.

The Navman MiVUE Drive FHD also includes an 16GB micro SD card and two year warranty.

It will RRP for approximately $299.