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Navman Launch 2016 Lineup Of Dashcams And GPS Units

Given their focus on customer safety, Randwick Race Course might end up feeling like an odd fit for Navman. However, it provided an elegant and notable backdrop for the company’s latest launch event. 

The company are in high spirits after the NSW government’s recent announcement that provisional drivers will no longer be able to use apps like Google Maps to navigate. 

Conducting themselves with confidence, Navman didn’t shy away from the fact that smartphones have affected their bottom line. While the dip in GPS sales of approximately 10% has definitely impacted their approach to the market, they say that their average value of those sales has gone up. 

“A smartphone can only take you so far,” they say.

Their range of GPS devices are designed to take you much further. The MOVE70LM ($139) comes with free maps access (updated quarterly) as well as premium safety and speed limit alerts. Meanwhile, the EZY350LMT ($179) add a digital logbook, hands-free mode and live traffic updates to the mix.

Beyond that, the MY660LMT ($249) adds even more functionality. The promise premium driver alerts and roadside assistance features as well as enhanced voice guidance.  

DSC_6112 (1)

The event also saw the company assert that dashcams aren’t “just for catching meteors in Russians skies” but rather a major part of the market.

They’ve seen a 45% increase in sales for them and the more comprehensive range on offer in 2016 reflects an attempt to address that.

They’re pitching their products as more than just a cameras with gyroscopes attached and are incorporating a number of relevant safety features into each of them.

The cream of the crop on offer here was the MiVUE 698 Dual Cam. The $429 device is capable of recording both the front and rear of your vehicle, as well as deliver departure, collision and speed warnings. The dashcam touts configurable gyroscopic sensors that automatically record and then hard-save footage in the event of any sudden changes motion. 

The bulk of the launch event was dedicated to showing off the 698 and positioning it as a product that’s well worth the added expense. It’s easy to use, reliable and the footage it produces managed to be high-quality without being too data-hungry.


The lower end of the lineup is filled by the 630 ($159) and 660 ($199) which tout a 2MP and 3MP camera, respectively. From there, the 680 ($249) adds 2K HD video and smart alerts while the 690 ($329) the adds support for dual-SD cards and ADAS safety features.

Finally, the MiVUE Drive FHD combines the best of both worlds, integrating Navman’s dashcam tech into their GPS devices. Priced at $299, it brings the brings the MiVUE’s 1080p wide-lens aided video recording and G-sensors together with the ease-of-use navigation features of the MY660LMT.

It’s being positioned as the best of both worlds and another strong contender for our pick of the event.


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