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Two New PlayStation 4 Models Could Be Released Next Month

Two new PlayStation 4 models are being planned to be introduced next month, according to people familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal has reported.

The WSJ has reported the people as stating that Sony plans to introduce a new PS4 standard model along with a high-end version.

Sony has a PlayStation media event locked in for September 7 in New York, with the WSJ reporting that a Sony spokesperson has stated that Sony will talk about the PS4 business at the news conference.

Rumours having been swirling about an upcoming console dubbed the PS4 Neo, however Sony has revealed few details of any update.

The move would see Sony upping the ante in the battle for console market share, with Microsoft having recently introduced its Xbox One S, measuring in at 40 per cent smaller than the original Xbox One, and coming with a number of new features.

In all, it could be a big couple of months for Sony in the console market, with Sony also due to release its PlayStation VR in October.

Sony’s entry into the virtual reality market will be launching locally on October 13.

In May this year, Sony announced that the PS4 had cumulatively sold through more than 40 million units to consumers worldwide.

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