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National Watchdog Call For Better e-SIM Implementation

The national watchdog is calling for greater integration and implementation of e-SIM technology to ensure the benefits of the new technology are realised in Australia to help better support the IoT sector and competition within the mobile industry.

Following its recent assessment of e-SIMs in Australia, which concluded in April 2018, the Australian Consumer & Competition Commission has published an update calling for greater use of the system amongst telcos big and small.

While the ACCC has not yet identified competitive conduct concerns, the attention remains centred on mobile operators that are not supporting the technology, despite being capable of doing so.

The final report on Communications Sector Market Study identified that ‘while e-SIMs may increase competition between mobile service providers, there may be barriers for smaller providers in offering e-SIM devices,’ e.g. the need to enter commercial agreements with device manufacturers.

At the time, the national watchdog cited the technology as a potential competition promoter in the IoT sector as it better facilitates switching between mobile carriers.

As covered by ChannelNews, it comes just a few months after Telstra announced e-SIM functionality within the new Apple iPhone 11.

Telstra first began supporting e-SIMS in 2017, making it available to post-paid subscribers with connected wearable smartwatches.

Since then the technology has been extended to Android phones and some e-SIM capable Window laptops.

Optus and Vodafone also offer e-SIM functionality, with Optus offering the technology for last years iPhones.

The ACCC will now be keeping a closer eye on the mobile sector to watch for e-SIM support and implementation, in addition to ensuring the competitive benefits are realised, and competition is not hindered.

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