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Telstra Adds eSIM Support For New iPhones

From this Friday, Telstra will enable embedded subscriber module (eSIM) functionality in the new Apple iPhone 11.

An eSim is an embedded SIM card, activated by a QR code, that removes the need for a physical SIM and allows customers to use different mobile plans in Australia and overseas.

The eSIM feature will be rolled out for both Consumer and Small Business customers, adding an optional secondary SIM.

Telstra confirmed both SIMS do not need to be from the same telco, though only one service can be active at a time.

The Australian telco first supported eSIMS in 2017, featuring the technology for post-paid Telstra subscribers with connected wearable smartwatches.

The technology has also been extended to Android phones, and Windows laptops provided their device supports eSIM functionality with Telstra.

Both Optus and Vodafone also offer eSIM functionality, with Optus customers able to access the feature on last years iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

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