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Denon Launches New Automation Gear

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According to Denon, these new Denon Custom Install products are suited for home or commercial environments where a variety of ‘network’ capabilities and options are available.

The new CI products allows the installer to access, correct and update a customer’s A/V system directly from a laptop either in the field or in the office via the Ethernet connection. It also enables the setup and operation parameters to be saved for future reference and enables diagnosis of any possible future faults that may occur in the system.

The TU-604CI expandable multi-tuner with dual independent AM/FM tuners offers expansion for up to four additional slots for AM/FM and future digital radio tuner cards. Each tuner module has independent control, 56 station memory, auto pre-set and station rename functions, front panel IR lock modes and audio outputs.

CI control credentials are at the top of the specification with AMX and third party control support via RS232C or over IP, together with one global and six discrete trigger outputs, IR remote in/out control, and web based remote control and setup capabilities.

The DVP-602CI HDMI 6-in/2-out video processor/switcher offers reference video processing to provide the best possible picture quality for either HD or SD video or DVB signal sources. To address computer environments it will also output resolutions of VGA/SVGA/XGA/WXGA and SXGA.

Other premium processing features include automatic reverse pull down conversion to the original 24Hz film frame rate for film source material on DVD, Blu-ray disc and DVB, this processing detects film cadence in the video signal, triggering the reverse pull-down to match the smooth motion quality of the original film source as closely as possible.

For viewing movies on projectors with anamorphic which stretch the normal 16:9 widescreen picture ratio to a 2.35:1 cinema scope ratio, the DVP-602CI digitally stretches the image vertically eliminating the black bars along the top and bottom of the picture. The DVP-602CI also features lip-sync audio delay control, provides PC resolution output for VESA-6 formats and picture adjust for both analogue and HDMI input signals.

Designed for serious home theatre installations, the DVP-602CI features Silicon Optix’s Realta HQV video processing chipset, to provide the best possible picture quality for either HD or SD video or DVB signal sources. It offers the widest range of connectivity options including; 6 x HDMI, 2 x parallel HDMI outputs, 2 x Component, 1 x S-Video and 1 x Composite.

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Finally, the POA-3012CI fully configurable power amplifier provides up to 12 different zones (12 in mono, 6 in stereo). The modular amplifier system offers highly flexible output configuration, comprising both discrete 30W (into 8 ohms) or bridged (100W into 8ohms) mode operation. The POA-3012CI also features; cascade outputs, global trigger inputs plus AMX and third party control support via RS232C.

The Denon TU-604CI has an RRP of $2,199, the DVP-602CI has an RRP of $5,499 and the POA-3012CI has an RRP of $4,499. All models are covered by a three year parts and labour warranty.

See: www.audioproducts.com.au