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MSI Showcase New Gaming Range & GT75 Titan

MSI, in partnership with Discovery Channel, showcased its new doco ‘E-Sports: The Rise of the New King’ at Events Cinemas Sydney CBD last week – using the event to unveil its new gaming laptop, the GT75 Titan, plus other additions.

The new GT75 Titan comes with the 8th Gen Intel Core i9 processor and is powered by the new NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture and the RTX Platform – bringing together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence and programmable shading.

The documentary, which stemmed from a partnership with the Discovery Channel an aired in Australia on June 23, focuses on the eSports ecosystem and discusses the development of the gaming community.

It explores how eSports began as a solo hobby to become a global competitive sport which attracts billions of fans and making billions of dollars worldwide.

MSI also pushes the performance to the limit with extreme overclock capabilities due to the six fully unlocked cores and the latest exclusive cooling design, with dual fans that come with 11 heat pipes for ultra cooling performance.

Gamers can also enjoy a full 4K gaming experience with four times the pixel density of standard Full HD. The 144hz IPS-level gaming display delivers vibrant visuals with unprecedented speed and clarity.

“At MSI, we are really looking at going beyond just gaming and what drives us is to create products that really push the boundaries of performance and push what people and consumers expect from their PC hardware,” said Annie Wang, MSI product manager.

Along with the Titan, MSI also showcased its latest line of AMD X570 motherboards, firstly, its new MEG Series – MEG X570 Godlike and Ace, which promises to “go beyond hardcore gaming with designs built for tremendous scalability, extreme overclocking and maximum performance”.

Next up, its MPG Series of motherboards, which are loaded for high-performance gaming. Three X570 motherboards make their debut in the MPG series – the Gaming Pro Carbon, Gaming Edge, and the Gaming Plus.

Finally, the Prestige X570 Creation, MSI’s scalable motherboard that supports 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen/Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen with Radeon Graphics Desktop Processors for AM4 socket.

“In terms of our brand new MSI Prestige X570 motherboard, we have spent a considerable amount of time designing and building this product, tailoring it from the ground up for content creators,” Wang said.

“This is possible due to the brand-new Ryzen 3000 Series processors, which are phenomenal at not only gaming, but also at content creation and overclocking.”

“With the MSI Prestige motherboard we are delivering a staggering 23 USB ports. which is unprecedented on a mainstream motherboard.”

The new line promises lightning fast transfer speeds with the Lightning Gen 4 PCI-E, MSI’s latest and fastest PCI-E data transfer solution with 64GB of unidirectional transfer bandwidth.

“We take our cooling very seriously at MSI and the key reason for this is that it delivers the absolute best in-class performance period,” Wang said.

“With the X570 prestige motherboards, you will be getting no slowdown, you will be able to overclock your CPU further, you will be able to deliver faster render times, faster gaming performance, faster streaming and beyond.”

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