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Most People Don’t Who Disney+ Is Days Out From The Launch

Disney’s new “Netflix killer” will launch in Australia next week, but a recent survey shows that most in the country don’t even know what it is.

Disney is one of the biggest entertainment enterprises in the world, yet according to the survey, Australians appear uninformed and disinterested in its new streaming service.

New survey findings from Reviews.org reveal that most Australians (62%) don’t even know about the new streaming service, and even once informed, more than half (55%) say they won’t even give the free trial a go.

The survey found that only 10% said they will try the free trial straight away, while 35% will wait for the reviews of Disney+ to come out before deciding.

“Disney owns a huge amount of top-quality content – from Star Wars and Marvel properties, to classic Disney and Pixar movies, to everyone’s favourite cartoon family, The Simpsons,” said Brodie Fogg, Australian Editor of Reviews.org.

“So, with Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ due to launch in Australia on November 19, we surveyed over 1,000 people to find out if Australia was interested in what Disney is offering.”

“It turns out, most Australians don’t even know what Disney+ is.”

Fogg believes that perhaps the biggest problem for Disney+ is the perception that there won’t be enough original content available at launch to justify getting another streaming subscription.

“Disney+ actually has a large pipeline of new and exciting shows lined up for the next few years, especially if you’re a Marvel or Star Wars fan, but early marketing for the service has been largely focused on one show – new Star Wars spin-off series, The Mandalorian,” Fogg continues.

“Netflix has changed what we want from a streaming service by providing quality original shows like Stranger Things exclusive to that platform.”

“We no longer think of subscription services solely as libraries or old movies and shows, we think of them as new entertainment networks that will frequently provide us with great new content.”

“It’s that continual flow of new movies and shows that keeps us interested in a streaming service.”

In terms of favouritism, the survey was split right down the middle when it comes to the content Disney+ offers.

Half of the people surveyed would sign up for Disney’s classic movies, and half would favour the new, exclusive TV shows.

However, there are interesting differences in viewing preferences amongst age groups highlighted by the survey, namely that the younger demographics (18-39) are most interested in the classics, while older viewers (40-59) would rather see the new shows Disney+ has to offer.

“It may seem surprising that younger audiences are more interested in the classics that older Australians, but that could be down to what each group defines as a ‘classic’,” Fogg said.

“With the acquisitions it’s made over the last few years, Disney’s brand identity has shifted from being a provider of wholesome family favourites to becoming the home for some of history’s biggest entertainment companies, such as Marvel, Lucasfilm, and more recently, 20th Century Fox.”

“This gives Disney the rights to titles that the younger generation might consider ‘classic’ like X-Men and The Simpsons. In contrast, the over 40s might consider Disney’s older animated fare such as Bambi or Beauty and the Beast to be classics.”

“Younger audiences could also be more likely to marathon classic movies back-to-back and Disney’s all-encompassing collection makes that easier than ever.”

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