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More On Foxtel’s New Sky Glass TV

2023 if you can wait that long, is set to be a big year for Foxtel, with the arrival of their new 4K Ultra High Definition Sky Glass TV, UK users who already have a Sky Glass TV after it was launched in July 2021, are already singing the praises of their new telly, that will eliminate the need for a Foxtel iQ box, cable or Satellite service, all you will need is fast broadband.

That is because Sky Glass will be Foxtel’s first attempt at delivering a smart TV that connects to high speed NBN streaming while eliminating ugly cables that have been essential in the past to connect a box to a TV.

The new Sky Glass TV display will come in three sizes, 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch screens.

Currently in the range are five colours from demure and understated (black or white) to blue, green and there is even a pink version.

Another big plus is that the TV has a soundbar built in.

This eliminates the spaghetti of wires found behind most TV’s today that are hooking up a Foxtel box that needs separate power, HDMI and in some cases digital audio cables.

All you need to do is connect a games console to one of the three HDMI connectors.

You will get a slick remote control that is easy to use, or you can rely on the screen’s far-field microphones and just say, “Hello, Sky” or maybe “Hello Foxtel” to get it to automatically find your favourite content.

You can turn the microphones off with one button on the side of the TV, for instance.

It can also be set to automatically turn on if it notices somebody moving near the screen.

After confirming plans to bring US streaming service Peacock to its twenty million customers back in July, Sky flipped the switch and rolled-out the Netflix and Prime Video rival to its customers this weekend.

In Australia Foxtel customers will get access to Prime Video shortly.

The new Sky Glass set-up is brilliant claims Forbes magazine.

“It’s incredibly straightforward and easy to understand. There are certain benefits. Because every channel is being streamed, you can often, choose to start a program from the beginning if you tune in a few minutes late”.


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