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Monitor Audio Introduces New Anthra Subwoofer Range

Monitor Audio have introduced its new Anthra range of subwoofers, promising bass delivered along with added musicality and agility through a combination of technologies.

Lightweight, rigid C-CAM cones with higher resistance to bending stress, able to deliver cleaner, clearer, more precise sound.

These are the absolute first Monitor Audio subwoofers coming with Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II), resisting forces twisting a conventional driver cone out of shape, distorting sound.

These subwoofers also use Class-D amplifiers, that largest model offering a max of 2500W and a continuous level of 1400W RMS.

With sturdy MDF cabinets, external walls up to 36mm thick, and internal walls up to 19mm thick. Acoustically optimised for extreme strength, with the drivers working at optimum performance regardless of volume, with clearer dynamic range and more accurate musical performance.

The inputs include RCA with LFE, and XLR, with a colour display on the rear panel along with a rotary dial to access setup menu. The Monitor Audio MaestroUnite app allows for the configuration of the subwoofer to boast users personal tastes and system requirement, applying the same settings across all subwoofers.

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