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Optus, Seven & FIFA Fail To Deliver 4K Broadcasts For Womens World Cup

Mega rich FIFA, Network Seven and Optus who have the overall broadcast rights, have skimped on TV coverage of the Women’s Soccer World Cup that is set to kick off in Australia this week, by only delivering the TV broadcast in HD 1080p, the men’s event last year was available on the BBC in 4K.

This is despite the bulk of TV’s being sold in Australia being 4K Ultra High Definition.

Foxtel has invested millions in being able to put broadcasts to air in 4K spanning NRL, AFL and Formula One but not the mega rich FIFA and their broadcast partners including the Seven Network and Optus.

Optus management confirmed the lack of top end broadcast quality content last night when we asked them whether their coverage of the Women’s World Cup would be in 4K, the Seven Network has also confirmed the lack of a 4K broadcast.

The reply from Optus was simple “No 4K, the direct stream from FIFA and the IBC is HD 1080p/50 HDR”.

“This is the production standard provided by FIFA.”

Back at the Men’s World Cup in 2022 in the BBC invested in streaming the event in 4K with BBC iPlayer app users getting access to all 33 of its World Cup 2022 games in native 4K HDR on terrestrial TV and via BBC iPlayer.

FIFA and Optus has not explained why they have not invested in 4K streaming for the Women’s World Cup kicking off this week.

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