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Lytro “Revolutionary” Box Camera Goes Mobile

Lytro "Revolutionary" Box Camera Goes Mobile

Lytro’s new mobile app for iOS app lets user upload light field pictures to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices via WiFi or 3G, and share to social networks. 

Users can share pics on Facebook, Twitter or  email, SMS; save a living picture as an animated GIF to their iOS camera roll. And it’s all done wirelessly. 
The mobile app lets Lytro camera owners preview and upload pictures to Lytro.com directly from their Apple, refocus pictures and experiencing Perspective Shift, some of the unique features of light photography technology.  Non-camera owners can also download the app to view, refocus the ‘living’ images. 
The free Lytro Mobile App is available globally. 

Lytro Mobile is the “next step” in building Lytro Mobile is the next step in the consumer light field photography, says Jason Rosenthal, CEO, Lytro.  

“Lytro Mobile makes it even easier to share light field pictures and lets people experience the benefits of light field technology with a device that never leaves their side.” 
“As the first to bring light field photography to consumers, we believe there is vast potential to this technology, and Lytro Mobile is the next step in building this category.”