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FIRST LOOK: New Samsung Win 8 ATIV Tab 3 Lacks Grunt Processor

FIRST LOOK: New Samsung Win 8 ATIV Tab 3 Lacks Grunt Processor

Coming in at just 8.2mm thick, the device has an Intel Atom Z2760 dual-core processor that runs Windows 8 in 32-bit mode, in comparison to the new LG Windows 8 TabBook, which also has a pop-out keyboard powered by an Intel i5 processor and runs in 64-bit mode.

The dual-core Atom processor sits alongside 2GB of memory, with an additional 64GB of onboard flash storage. If you want more storage, the tablet also offers a micro SD card slot, letting you add up to 32GB of additional storage.

The device looks similar to the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and features a 10.1-inch plastic body. It also comes bundled with a Samsung S-Pen stylus. The ATIV Tab 3 is Samsung’s Windows 8 counterpart to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Is the Samsung ATIV Tab 3 enough to tempt the casual tablet user down the Windows 8 route? We have gone hands-on to find out.


Samsung ATIV Tab 3 Design

The Samsung ATIV Tab 3’s design is extremely familiar, sporting the same rounded edges and plastic build as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. At just 8.2mm thick, it is breaking records, but more than that it is a nicely curved, aesthetically pleasing offering.

It feels comfortable in the hand, with the tablet’s full weight spread evenly across the device’s full 10.1-inch form factor. The Samsung ATIV Tab 3 weighs in at just 550g, a full 100g lighter than the iPad 4. As such, it’s not a strain on the wrist and we can see ourselves carrying it around all day with little concern.

The ATIV Tab 3’s S-Pen integration is seamless. Located in the lower right corner of the tablet, the stylus slots discreetly into the body of the device, providing storage and portability benefits. If it wasn’t for this accessory inclusion, we could see the Samsung ATIV Tab 3 lining up even slimmer. As with the Samsung Galaxy S4, the ATIV Tab 3’s design is brought down by its plastic construction.

Samsung ATIV Tab 3 Screen

The Samsung ATIV Tab 3’s screen is a strong addition that feels bright and responsive, but not quite on par with some recent tablet offerings. It supports just a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution spread across its 10.1-inch form, a far stretch from the 2560 x 1600p, 300ppi display found on the Google Nexus 10.

During our hands-on with the device, colours felt bright and individually distinguished, with a broad pallet offering a natural blend between hues. The tablet’s multi-touch options were also second to none, with the ATIV Tab 3 proving highly responsive to our fingers’ commands. Despite making a strong first impression, we require more time with the device to pass full judgement.