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Microsoft Selling Amazon Devices In US Stores

Microsoft has intensified its relationship with Amazon, following reports it’s begun selling Echo devices in United States stores.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it was deploying smart assistant integration for Cortana and Alexa – a strategy many commentators predict will gain momentum over time.

As per The Verge, Microsoft has listed Amazon’s second generation Echo and third generation Echo Dot to its e-store.

Twitter user the WalkingCat has post a series of web links, but it appears Microsoft has changed URLs, now displaying an error message.

The news comes as Microsoft’s Cortana continues to lag behind other smart voice assistants.

The integration has seen Microsoft’s Xbox One gain support for Alexa, with Amazon rolling out its own Alexa Windows 10 app for PCs.

Consensus opinion remains mixed over the future of Cortana, enhanced by recent management exits.

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