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Microsoft Removes Huawei Matebooks From Online Store

While many were focusing on the effects of Google’s decision to restrict Huawei from Android OS and updates due to Trump’s ban against foreign tech, Microsoft quietly removed the Huawei Matebook laptops from its online stores.

The Matebook line runs Window, but the technology company has made no official announcements whether it too would be blocking Huawei from its OS.

Many have spotted the Matebook and Matebook X Pro has disappeared from Microsoft’s online store, including here in Australia where the device was being sold from $1,699.

Microsoft was exclusively selling the Matebook X Pro, first announced at a media launch in November 2018, here in Australia.

Huawei unveiled an updated version of the Matebook X Pro along with a new budget Matebook 14 at CES 2019, with many speculating that those devices would land on our shores as well.

However, the US tech ban has apparently thrown those plans into disarray.

Although the Matebook line has been removed from online stores across the world, The Verge has reported that laptops are still available in brick and mortar stores in the US.

Jeremy Mitchell, Director of Corporate Affairs, Huawei Australia has stated that the Android ban would not affect Huawei customers here in Australia.

Microsoft has not made any official statement at this time.

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