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Apple Expand Free Macbook Keyboard Repair Program

Apple has announced it’s expanding its free Keyboard Repair Program to include nearly every modern MacBook, following a slew of consumer complaints over its ‘butterfly mechanism.’

The expansion moves to include several newer models which were initially excluded. The Californian giant has also pledged to quicken keyboard repair times.

The news comes after Apple announced it was debuting a new butterfly keyboard for its latest MacBook Pro 15-inch and MacBok Pro 13-inch with Touchbar.

Interestingly, these models will able also be eligible for the free Keyboard Repair Program.

The news follows several years of consumer complaints about Apple’s butterfly keyboard mechanism.

Back in May 2017, a group of consumers even launched a class action over the matter.

Consumers have complained about the keyboard’s tendency to disable keys when dust or other particles fall under.

Apple has invited affected consumers to have their MacBook/MacBook Pro examined by an authorised representative for a repair or replacement keyboard.

The free replacement offer is valid for “four years after the first retail sale of the unit”.

Apple has remained relatively tight lipped about explicit improvements to its latest MacBook keyboards, with some consumers calling for more radical innovation.

The company claims it’s using “new materials” within the switch mechanism, which should notably reduce the occurrence of missed and double key presses.

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