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Microsoft Pinch Oculus Marketing Exec

In what could be seen as the latest blow for Facebook-backed VR player Oculus, the company has now lost its Chief Marketing Officer Liz Hamren.

What’s more, Microsoft have revealed that Hamren will be joining the company in a new role as corporate vice president of mixed reality marketing. In reality, what this likely means is that she’ll be working with Microsoft as they gear up on the consumer-grade version of their HoloLens AR (augmented reality) headset.

Recent reports suggest that Microsoft is looking to build a focused mixed reality sales team “to scale our business to the next phase”.

In an internal email published via UploadVR, Microsoft’s head of device marketing Yusuf Mehdi says that “one of the biggest bets Microsoft is making for the future of computing is the development of a new world of mixed reality, led in large part by our pioneering work on Microsoft HoloLens. We have been on this journey from the unveil of HoloLens back in January 2015, to the announcement from our OEM partners of the first headsets capable of mixed reality last October, to the release of the first Windows 10 Mixed Reality dev kits this month.”

“As we gear up for this coming holiday, we enter a new phase of bringing mixed reality to everyone,” Mehdi says.

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