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HTC Sells Out VR Accessory

The first shipment of HTC’s new Vive Tracker, announced back at CES, has sold out within its first week on sale.

A miniaturized version of the tech found in the Vive Touch controllers, HTC says the Vive Tracker allows developers to easily construct their own control accessories. The tracker lasts six hours on a full charge.

Speaking to UploadVR, a HTC spokesperson declined to share how many were sold in the initial batch.

The spokesperson said more information on availability would be coming soon and that HTC was “working hard to get more stock quickly.”

What’s notable here is that the Vive Tracker is an accessory largely aimed at developers, at least for now. A positive reception this early for the device suggests that we may see an influx of Vive software that takes advantage of the added functionality the tracker offers, further differentiating Vive from its competition.

The Vive Tracker is priced at $100 in the US (approximately $131AU).

HTC officially launched the Vive in Australian markets in November.

At that time, a senior spokesperson from HTC said the company “see a very enthusiastic consumer base in Australia and that’s why we want to accelerate the adoption.”

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