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Microsoft Launches New Collabaration Tool ‘Loop’

Microsoft has launched Loop, a tool that allows remote collaboration across the company’s suite of Office programs.

“Make progress, together or apart”, Microsoft says. “Prioritise, communicate, and make decisions like you’re all in the same room.”

Basically, this is like the business workplace app Notion, with similar functionality, and a similar look and layout.

You have a ‘workspace’ which acts as a blank canvas, allowing up to 50 people to contribute, comment, and drag in files from various other Office applications.

It also has a “co-author with AI” function, where ChatGPT can get involved, “either in a conversational back and forth or by directly editing the generated content.”


It’s available to businesses today, and as an open trial to everyone else, but you’ll need to sign up to access the beta.

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